Sales Proceeds will be donated in aid of one of these Charities.  

- Franciscan Aid - an International Charity,

- Sanyu Babies Home, Kampala, Uganda or

- Sts Peter & Paul Church, Bergh Apton, Norfolk.

Franciscan Aidhas been supporting  families with AIDS in Zimbabwe; school equipment for children in Uganda; aid to women undergoing fistula surgery in Uganda; food, and books for hostel children in West Bengal;  support for Conventual Franciscans working with very poor children in West Bengal; building wells in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia; playground equipment for children in Bethlehem; hearing aids for children at a special school in Palestine.The support of asylum seekers and refugees in Yorkshire.

Its reach extended also to Chile, India, Sri Lanka and Bethlehem.

Sanyu Babies Home since 1927, has rescued and cared for abandoned babies from the streets of the capital, Kampala, caring for up to 50 babies and toddlers aged between 1 day old and 4 years. Many of them are found abandoned in garbage heaps, pit latrines, ditches, taxi parks or left by the side of the road.

You can read more about the work of the Home on

Bergh Apton Church is our ancient and beautiful parish church in Norfolk. It provides traditional and contemporary services as well as transforming itself as an ideal venue for cultural and artistic activities in the area.  

More information on these Charities is available upon request.